DREAM Dynamic Real-time Ecological
Ambulatory Methodologies

What is DREAM?

Dynamic Real-Time Ecological Ambulatory Methodologies

The DREAM program (Dynamic Real-Time Ecological Ambulatory Methodologies) at the Survey Research Center provides researchers at Penn State and other academic institutions with innovative data collection methods to assess ongoing behavior, experiences, physiology, and environmental factors in people’s natural settings.

DREAM supports researchers in the use of innovative methods and emerging mobile technologies for intensive, “in-vivo” data collection

DREAM allows for repeated behavioral assessment in people’s natural settings

DREAM develops customized survey applications to collect EMA data on Android smartphones and tablets

DREAM can utilize real-time data to develop customized applications for behavioral interventions (EMI)

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Example of phone survey asks what time did you go to bed last night.
EMA allows people to report on their subjective experiences regarding events that occur in their daily lives.
Phone survey asking did anything stressful occur since last survey.
EMA can be used to have people self-report on their behavior in the moment.
Phone survey asking how unpleasant was this event when it happened.
Mobile technologies provide a convenient way to collect assessment data as close to the event as possible.
Phone survey asking which of these best describes how you feel right now.
Self-report EMA surveys can be used in conjunction with wearable sensors that monitor physiology, movement, and/or environmental parameters.