Budget Estimate Process

Study needs and budget: Basic assistance identifying study needs and developing a budget is provided. 

In order for us to develop an accurate estimate of the cost to develop your survey app and/or provide devices for your study, we first need more information about your project needs. 

To request a cost estimate, please download and complete the DREAM Cost Estimate Request Form.

The information provided on this form will be used to develop an estimate for the cost of DREAM services. Completed forms are sent to: dream@survey.psu.edu 

Once this form is submitted, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks to develop an estimated budget for your project. After a budget is developed, if you require any changes from the information provided on this form, it will impact the estimated cost for your project. If substantial changes are made, it may be necessary to develop a revised budget estimate prior to beginning, or during, the study. 

Our budget estimates are developed based on our previous experience with similar projects to cover the time and resources needed to complete your project. As each project is different and has it’s own unique challenges, the actual costs could vary from our original estimate. 

Please keep in mind that as a Penn State cost center, we will only charge you for the services that you use. For example, if we budget for 6 hours of Technical Support but your project only needs 1 hour of our time you will only pay for the time that was used. However, if we underestimate the time needed to complete your project you will be charged for the additional costs.