Budget Estimate

We frequently work with researchers who are developing a grant proposal and are interested in getting an estimate for services to submit as part of the grant budget. Also, researchers occasionally already have funding for a project that uses DREAM methods and are interested in having DREAM assist with implementing the study. DREAM staff will work with the investigator to determine study needs and develop a budget estimate for the study.

To request a cost estimate, please download and complete the DREAM Cost Estimate Request Form. The information provided on this form will be used to develop an estimate for the cost of the DREAM services (survey programming, device management, equipment costs, data plans, optional services) requested. In order for DREAM to develop an accurate estimate of the cost to develop your survey application and/or provide devices for your study, please provide as much additional information as possible. Send completed forms to dreamprogram@psu.edu

Once the estimate request form is submitted, it will take approximately 1 week to develop an estimated budget for your project. Any changes from the information provided on this form after the budget is developed, will impact the cost for your project. If substantial changes are made, it may be necessary to develop a revised budget estimate prior to beginning the project.

Our budget estimates are developed based on our previous experience with similar projects to cover the time and resources needed to complete your project. As each project is different and has its own unique challenges, the actual costs could vary from our original estimate. Please keep in mind that SRC/DREAM is a Penn State cost center and we will only charge you for the services that you use. Therefore, if you require ‘less’ your charges may be lower than estimated, and if you require ‘more’ your charges may be higher.

Basic assistance identifying study needs and developing a budget is provided.

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