DREAM Services

The Survey Research Center (SRC) is a cost center and charges for the services provided. DREAM charges are based on Penn State’s policies for cost centers, which include the charge out rates for staff time (e.g. programming surveys, managing phones, etc.), as well as the actual costs of equipment (e.g. smartphones), services (e.g. data or phone plans), or other supplies used.

We frequently work with researchers who are developing a grant proposal and are interested in getting an estimate for services to submit as part of the grant budget. If the grant is funded, DREAM staff at the SRC will work with the investigator to implement the proposed research project. 

Researchers will occasionally already have funding for a project that uses DREAM methods and are interested in having the DREAM staff assist in implementing the study. In this case, DREAM staff will work with the investigator to determine study needs and develop a budget for the study.

We charge for the services we provide: We do not make a profit! Our charge out rates incorporate some minimal overhead, but we basically charge a fee for our actual costs.