Basic services are included for all DREAM projects including use of a secure online Researcher Portal to retrieve and upload data and access project materials. Researcher can access all real-time data at their convenience via the DREAM Researcher Portal. Overall technical support for researchers for the duration of your project is also an included service.

Custom App Development

Based on survey content provided by investigators DREAM will create an (Android) application including custom surveys and alarm schedules to be administered on mobile devices. Survey options can include standard question types (radio buttons, check boxes, drop downs, date/time selection, and open-ended response) as well as color options, images, videos, integrations with other apps, and dynamic alarm schedules.

Dream Survey Demonstration

Device Rental/Purchase

The DREAM application is programmed to be implemented only on Android devices. Thorough testing is done with all devices utilized for DREAM projects to ensure the application works to full capacity.


DREAM has an inventory of Android smartphones that Penn State investigators can rent for the duration of their study. Phones can also be purchased for projects (availability limited and costs vary). Rental and purchase costs will be assessed during the budget estimating process and DREAM will offer the best cost scenario for the project needs.

Tablets (no rental, purchase only)

DREAM does not currently have any inventory available to rent tablets. If your project requires the use of larger devices, tablets can be purchased

Data Plans

To facilitate the transfer of survey data to our secure server, special discounted Verizon data plans are available for projects using DREAM services. Various options are available including unlimited data, tablet data share options, app feature blocks, and voice plans.

In some circumstances, DREAM may also be able to provide devices to be used without a data plan, requiring manual data uploading.

Please note that in situations where data plans are not utilized, data will only be saved on the device until manually backed up to the server. If the device is lost or stolen you will lose any data not uploaded to our server.

Researcher Manual

All DREAM projects include a detailed researcher manual outlining how to use, install and set up DREAM apps, access and interpret your assessment data (codebook provided), and clear devices to use with multiple participants

Technical Support

For Researchers

DREAM staff are available to the research team to address technical problems with mobile devices or the survey application.

For Participants

Participants are expected to contact the researchers (not DREAM) with any questions. However, direct technical support for participants can also be provided by DREAM, including the set-up of a toll-free number that participants can call if they have technical problems with their devices.

Researcher Training

DREAM staff can provide training to your staff on a range of study aspects to adapt to your level of previous experience. We offer a Full Training Package that includes a comprehensive overview of the device, interactive project and data management tools, an in depth demonstration and recommendations for training your participants. Also offered is a Basic Training Package which is helpful for researchers who have never used the DREAM platform but have some experience with mobile data collection.

Device Set Up

DREAM can set up the devices including installation of the survey program, study-specific surveys, and associated applications (e.g., customized lock screen).

Participant Materials / Training

Written materials specific to your study, such as screenshots of survey questions, study-specific handouts for participants regarding device use and procedures, customized training protocols, etc. can be provided.

Participant training can include training on the use of mobile devices to complete survey assessments and/or other types of ambulatory data. If logistics require participant consent or other study activities at the time of training, DREAM staff may also be able to assist with these as well.

Compliance Monitoring

DREAM staff can monitor participant data on the website for compliance and participants can be contacted by phone, email, or text with a scripted reminder (provided by investigator) if compliance criteria (specified by the investigator) are not met. Customized compliance reports can be sent to investigators on a daily or weekly basis.

:If you are considering a device purchase without the assistance of DREAM but plan to use other DREAM services, please contact our staff to ensure that your device works with the DREAM application.

: Optional services offered – contact DREAM to discuss.