Rent/Buy Devices

Renting Devices

At this time, all phone/tablets that will be used to implement surveys must use the Android operating system.

The Penn State DREAM program owns Android smartphones that investigators can rent for the duration of their study. The rental fee is $5-$10 per month per phone; the cost varies based on the actual phone cost. The cost of each phone ranges from $100-500, so this rental system was established in order to reduce equipment costs for investigators. Investigators are responsible for the full replacement cost for any phones that are not returned at the end of the study.

The SRC does not currently rent tablet devices. The cost of tablets that DREAM is currently able to support is $200-600 each.

Voice, Text, and Data Plans:

For more information see: Wireless Device Plan Options.

Purchasing Devices

In some cases it may be possible for the researchers to purchase the phones outright. DREAM can work with Verizon to purchase and manage phones/tablets specifically for your project. If you are considering a device purchase without the assistance of DREAM but plan to use other DREAM services, please contact our staff to ensure that your device works with our data collection system. Verizon typically offers a couple of purchasing options depending on the amount of commitment for device activation.