Researcher Training

Our staff can provide training to your staff on a range of study aspects. Several packages are available for researcher training, and the contents and costs vary. Below is a general description of the available training content.

See specific package options recommended based on the investigators’ and research staff members’ level of previous experience with conducting studies using DREAM methodologies.

Training Content:

  1. Orientation to smartphone and overview of manual and DREAM protocols.
  2. Demonstration of survey installation process, phone setup, and data retrieval from website.
  3. Interactive component allowing the investigators and/or project staff to practice survey installation, phone setup, and data retrieval, while receiving feedback and assistance from DREAM staff.
  4. Review recommended content and procedures for training participants.
  5. Demonstration of project-specific training session.
  6. Opportunity for investigators and/or research staff to practice conducting training sessions and receive feedback from DREAM staff.
  • Kristin pointing to screen
  • Audience member raising hand
  • Dena with phone