Technical Support

For Researchers

DREAM staff are available to the research team to address technical problems with mobile devices or the survey application. Although a fee will be estimated for these services in the initial budget estimate, researchers will be charged for actual DREAM staff time required for technical support on the project.

For Participants

Participants are expected to contact the researchers (not DREAM staff) with any questions. If research staff is unable to resolve the problem, the researchers can contact DREAM for assistance. However, direct technical support for participants can also be provided by DREAM, and includes the set-up of a toll-free number that participants can call if they have technical problems with the phones. This service does not include support for study-specific content questions, but is for hardware and software issue only. The phone line is answered from 8:00am-5:00pm during business days. After hours, participants can leave a message and calls will be returned the following business day.