Wireless Services (Device Plan Options)

We work with Verizon to provide data plans at a discounted rate for investigators using DREAM services.  When using phones with data plans, the data participants enter can be remotely uploaded to a server after participants complete each survey.  This allows researchers to access and view the data while participants still have phones and are completing surveys (e.g., to check compliance). If you are using tablet devices, please inquire about data plan options and prices, as they are different from those listed below.

Below is a list of the most common plan options and features researchers use. The estimated monthly phone plan cost per phone is provided. Phone costs will be prorated if activated for less than one month.  It is possible for investigators to activate/deactivate phones to minimize wireless expenses (read more about our Device Management System).   Investigators are responsible for any additional costs related to overages or use of services not covered by the plan (e.g., exceeding voice minute limits, international text messaging).

Wireless services table

Manual upload or Wi-Fi:

In some circumstances, DREAM may also be able to provide phones to be used without a data plan. If you choose no data plan this will require you to manually upload data from the phones onto a computer or periodically establish a connection with a Wi-Fi network to upload data.  In other words, you will not be able to view participants’ data immediately after they complete the survey and will only be able to retrieve it directly from the phone after it is returned by the participant.  In addition, because the data will only be saved on the device, if the phone is lost or stolen you will lose any data not uploaded to our server. Please note that the option to not use a data plan is not always available and depends on phone availability and the specific study design and needs. If you are interested in using Wi-Fi only for your study (no data plan), please contact DREAM to discuss this option.